Structure of Recombinant Protein G CAS UENA-0187

Recombinant Protein G CAS UENA-0187


CAS Number



Recombinant Protein G



White, yellowish powder or floc

Safety Data

WGK Germany


Specifications and Other Information of Our Recombinant Protein G CAS UENA-0187



A280nm (1 mg / mL)


Isoelectric point


Molecular weight

28 kDa


Streptococcus Protein G (SPG for short), is a kind of protein in the cell wall of Streptococcus G and Streptococcus C, which can specifically bind to the Fc segment of an immunoglobulin IgG molecule without affecting the ability of its Fab segment to bind to the antigen molecule. It can not only bind to all subclasses of human, mouse, and rat IgG, but also to guinea pig, rabbit, goat, cow, sheep, and horse IgG, which is significantly better than Protein A (Staphylococcus Protein A, SPA for short) that can only bind to human and mouse IgG.
In addition to the IgG binding domain, natural SPGs also have albumin and cell surface binding domains. Recombinant SPG removes albumin and cell surface binding domains to reduce non-specific binding. It has greater affinity than natural SPG and SPA.


Produced by genetic engineering, expressed by E.Coli

Stability of storage

The lyophilized powder of Recombinant Streptococcus Protein G was stored at -20℃, and was stable for 60 months; after dissolving, put it on an ice bath and use it as soon as possible. If you need to use it multiple times, please split and store it at -65℃ before using to avoid repeated freeze-thaw affecting protein activity;

Stability of transport

Blue ice insulation transportation, stable activity.

Known Application

SPG has a wide range of uses and can be used to separate and purify or remove IgG from serum, the purification of monoclonal antibodies and the separation of antigen-antibody complexes. After binding SPG to agarose gel, affinity fillers can be prepared for antibody purification, and different subtypes of IgG can be isolated and purified from serum, ascites, and cell culture supernatant.

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