Structure of Recombinant Kex2 Protease EC CAS UENA-0188

Recombinant Kex2 Protease EC CAS UENA-0188


CAS Number




Recombinant Kex2 Protease



White or off white powder

Safety Data

WGK Germany


Specifications and Other Information of Our Recombinant Kex2 Protease EC CAS UENA-0188


Single major band

Specific activity

≥5.0 units/mg pro.

Molecular Weight(SDS-PAGE)


Unit Definition

One unit of Kex2 activity will release 1μmol 4-nitroaniline per minute in a reaction volume of 3.0 ml at pH8.0 and 25℃ with Boc-QRR-pNA (Boc-Gln-Arg-Arg-pNA) as the substrate.


Kex2 is a Ca2+dependent serine protease and cleaves at C-terminal site of Lys-Arg, Arg-Arg, Pro-Arg in pro-α-factor and killer-toxin precursors maturing.But Kex2 can’t recognize and cut a single basic amino acid,such as carboxyl end peptide bond of arginine and lysine. Recombinant Kex2 protease is a genetically engineered protein expressed in Pichia pastoris and with equivalent properties compared to native Saccharomyces cerevisiae Kex2. The activity of Kex2 is not affected by the conventional serine protease inhibitors such as PMSF,TPCK,TLCK inhibition.The optimal pH of Kex2 protease is 9.0. It is stable in buffer (pH 5.0-6.0).


Recombinant Kex2 Protease is a genetically engineered protein expressed in Pichia pastoris

Stability of storage

Recombinant kex2 protease should be stored under 2-8℃ in sealed container. It is stable within 6 months.After dissolved with 20mM NaAc-HAc,pH 5.2,2mM Ca2+,it should be stored under -20℃.

Stability of transport

The product is stable by blue ice insulation transport.

Recoomend usage

Recommended reaction buffer: pH 7.0-9.0, 50 mM Tris-HCl,2 mM Ca2 + or HEPES, 5 mM Ca2 +. If it is not used immediately after dissolving, it is recommended to dissolve the powder with 20 mM (pH 5.2) NaAc-HAc and 2 mM Ca2 + buffer to make the final concentration is about 1-10 mg/ml,then make suitable packing as your requirement and store at -20℃.Reaction was carried out, using pH 7.0-9.0, 50 mM Tris-HCl, 2 mM Ca2 + or HEPES, 5 mM Ca2 + buffer.
Note: The optimum reaction pH of the enzyme is pH 9.0 and the optimum stable pH is 5.0-6.0.


1.Animal origin free:Recombinant Kex2 protease is no exogenous virus contamination,and any animal origin material is not used inthe production process.
2.Stable quality: Mass production can ensure stable and continuous batch production.It is no difference between the batch and the product quality is stable.
3.High purity: Higher specific activity.Host protein residues is less than the limits of biological products.
4.Lyophilized powder: The product is lyophilized powder and is easy to store and transport.

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